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What are the ages of the young women in the home?

They are between 10 and 23 years old, regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

How long can I stay at the home?

For young women who are parenting, discharge from Christian Life Home will occur at the time of discharge from the hospital ~  A plan for suitable living arrangements will have been made during her stay at the home. If a young woman chooses to place for adoption, she is encouraged to return to Christian Life Home for an extended stay, depending on her situation, to receive healthy grief counseling .

If I come to the home, do I have to place my baby for adoption?

We do not encourage or suggest what you should do with your baby. Parenting or placing for adoption is your decision.  It is our job to give you truthful information about both options and challenge your thoughts in those areas.

If I decide to place my baby for adoption, will you help me find a couple?

We are not an adoption agency ~ We will refer you to several adoption agencies who will walk you through the process.

I already have a child ~ Can I bring him/her with me?

Under state licensing, we are not able to care for children.

Do I have to live in Raleigh in order to come to the home?

You may live anywhere in NC or in another state.

How many girls can stay at the home?

Christian Life Home can house up to six young women at a time.

How long has Christian Life Home been around and how did it get started?

Christian Life Home began in 1985 by community individuals who wanted a safe place for young women to go during their pregnancy.

Can my family and friends visit me?

Visits occur weekly, but are different lengths depending on how long you have been in the program.

Can I be forced to come into the home?

You must make your own decision to come into the home.

How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be before I come?

The earlier you are admitted into the program, the better ~ so that you have more time to learn life-skills and attend all of the classes we provide. 

To find out more about the program, call our office at 919.510.5400

Residents Share …

“It was here that I really grew.  I learned how to hold my head up and walk with pride, and most importantly, it was at this home that I got saved.  The people affiliated with this place are so loving and they teach you how to live life to the fullest.”

“You took me in when nobody else would and took the responsibility of being guardian parents to me.  My family and I really appreciate all the things you have done for me.  Whether you all know it or not,  you helped me to grow a great deal spiritually, physically and mentally.”

“I went job hunting today, and because of my time in the home, I was able to submit a resume along with my application.  While I was at the home, I learned job skills that I now use today.  I felt much more confident because I had practiced those skills and been taught well during my time in the home.”

“Now I am so thankful that Christian Life Home was here to walk through this with me.  They have helped me find peace by allowing God to work in me and my child’s life.  They helped me trust the Lord for His will.”

“As I entered the spring of my sophomore year in college, I faced some life-changing news.  I was pregnant.  Knowing I could not go home to face my small town, I inquired about maternity homes at the local pregnancy center.  I came to the Christian Life Home and placed my baby for adoption.  Through the help and guidance I received at the home, I learned I could trust the Lord and know He will take care of my baby and me.”

“When I got here, I noticed something very different about the people of CLH.  They laughed, and shared, and yes, even disagreed at times.  But they were a family, and this was their house.  They welcomed me into their house and their family, and into their home.”

When you thought of your daughter’s future,you probably never pictured her getting pregnant before she was happily married. But you have learned that she is pregnant now, and you are trying to sort out the many emotions you are feeling….angry, sad, scared, hurt, disappointed.
What you need to know is that how you feel now is not how you will feel forever. The roller coaster of emotions is normal and will pass in time.

What both you and your daughter need is to know that you are not alone in this. There is help for both of you and there is hope for the future. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your daughter is get her help and give both of you some space to deal with all the emotions and decisions ahead. Knowing your daughter is safe and being cared for is important to you. We are here to take care of her and be sure she gets excellent medical care, counseling, a healthy diet, and the life-skills she will need to succeed in life.

As your family looks toward the future, you face the reality that life will not be the same. It will be different, but life is not over. With help, you can embrace this change and prepare for it. Hard as it may be to believe, life will go on and can be better than you ever imagined.

Let us have the opportunity to explore with you whether Christian Life Home is the right place for your daughter during her pregnancy. Give us a call and come see what we have to offer. We have walked with many families as they have faced unplanned pregnancy, and we are here for you if this is the place for your daughter.

Some words from families of former residents:

“Just when my family was about to break up, Christian Life Home came into our lives…God bless CLH as you continue to help parents and their pregnant daughters when they all are lost.”

“Our daughter had never been away from home except for summer camp, and when we left her at CLH, I cried all the way home. How could I leave my pregnant daughter with total strangers during a time when she needed me more than she ever had? How could these total strangers help my daughter more than me? After all, I am her mother! As time wore on, I realized just exactly how inadequate I really was and being a mother doesn’t make you know what to do in all situations. I found that our daughter thrived under the Christian atmosphere, classes, and counseling she received. When she left CLH to come home, she wasn’t the same girl. She’s stronger, more self-assured, more confident, and more loving.”

“Your strength and devotion to all the girls and their parents stands out above the crowd. Thank you for being there for my daughter. Your love made a difference.”

Finding out your girlfriend is pregnant may not be the news you wanted to hear. It can raise many emotions and questions. You both have many choices to make, but you don’t have to make them by yourself. You have time to get the information you need to make choices that you won’t regret years from now. This may be the most important decision you have ever had to make.

“What now?”

The most important thing you can do is to get the help you need to make decisions about your life together and to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Regardless of where your relationship is now or where it ends up, there is a baby coming and you need to prepare for what to do next. Discovering the answers to your questions is important, and we are here to help.

While in the process of making these decisions, your girlfriend and baby will have many needs. They need a safe place to live, good medical care, a healthy diet, and counseling. While we are taking care of both of them, you can be involved in making plans for the future. We will be here to listen to you and help you figure out where to go from here. During the months that your girlfriend is at CLH, you can focus on how you want to be involved in their lives. We are here for all three of you if you will allow us to be.

Here are a few tips on where to go next …

– Come with her to check out CLH and see if it is the right place for her
– Go together to talk with your parents
– Keep talking about how you are feeling and support her
– Don’t pressure her to terminate the pregnancy
– Work together to make a plan for your lives and the life of your baby
– Get the information you need to make informed decisions